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My Fictional Bucket List

Have you ever read a book and thought that it would be fun to do one thing that was the characters hobby. To jump into the book and follow your favourite literary characters around for one day as if they were your best friends. What would you do? Unfortunately, I have so many, but here are a few to get your bookish minds racing. … Read More My Fictional Bucket List


My Favourite Book Covers

We all know the saying… Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! But how can we help it. It’s in our brain pattern to immediately judge something or someone by first glance. So, I embrace it. I do look at the cover, but I also look at the title and then the blurb on the back. They all help me to decide which one … Read More My Favourite Book Covers


Christmas Eve Books!!

How sad are we that Christmas is actually officially over!!! I mean literally they are already stocking Easter eggs and it isn’t even the end of January. How was everyone’s Christmas? I hope everyone got everything they asked for and more. This year, I did not go home for a Christmas with my family, which is what I usually do around the 23rd of … Read More Christmas Eve Books!!