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Who Would You Invite to a Dinner Party?

Who would you invite to a dinner party? Take a look at mine 😀


Hens take over Liverpool

Just over eleven years ago, I was in my first year of Secondary School. In that year I met this really random girl. She was called Sophie (I know four Sophie’s.) Now to begin with I thought this girl was super weird, due to the fact that she used to stare over her shoulder at my work in art class. Weird right. I don’t … Read More Hens take over Liverpool

Busy, Busy Bee :)

Hello Everyone, I am so awful for not posting anything in the last few weeks, I have been super busy with University. I have just completed a 5000 word essay and honestly I hope I never do another one. I am doing a Creative Writing course so I barely have to write anything that requires me to actually think like a brain box. I … Read More Busy, Busy Bee 🙂