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Books I would like to read – JUNE!

Unread books are an epidemic in my house. I would like to maybe get my teeth into them and then I can feels a sense of accomplishment when they are finally finished. Here are some of them: HEIR OF FIRE – This is the book that is currently on my bedside table and the book I take everywhere. I am loving the story of … Read More Books I would like to read – JUNE!


Writing in Whose POV

The Point of View of a novel, will set the tone for the entire book, so it’s very important that the right one is picked. One of the things that I struggle with the most, as a writer beginning a new story, is from which point of view I would like to tell it from. I am bombarded with questions that I ask myself … Read More Writing in Whose POV

My Travels :D – Vienna

Vienna waits for you… Yes it certainly does. Vienna. Words cannot describe how gorgeous this city is, another place where I felt perfectly safe just walking around. It was how I imagine Paris to be. Very weird that I felt like I was in a French city when actually in an Austrian one. By this time on my travels I was getting bored of … Read More My Travels 😀 – Vienna


Ask Away! – Where do clouds come from?

A few years ago I went through a phase of asking my friends ridiculous questions. I merely asked the questions we all want to know the real answers to. In this new weekly blog post I will be asking questions and then answering them so that we ALL know the answers. We can all learn something new together 😀 So the first question is… … Read More Ask Away! – Where do clouds come from?


Hens take over Liverpool

Just over eleven years ago, I was in my first year of Secondary School. In that year I met this really random girl. She was called Sophie (I know four Sophie’s.) Now to begin with I thought this girl was super weird, due to the fact that she used to stare over her shoulder at my work in art class. Weird right. I don’t … Read More Hens take over Liverpool


Inspirational Quotes :D

Hello Everyone, on this fine, rainy Tuesday. Lately I have been feeling  a little uninspired, as I am sure everyone gets once in a while. So I decided to write down all the little or long quotes that give me inspiration to write or actually get up and go out side. I have decided to share them with you all in hope that you … Read More Inspirational Quotes 😀


A Students Guide to Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth, a beautiful, scenic seaside town. A place that once you have been to, you will never want to leave… well, maybe after three years of gruelling University, but guaranteed you will miss it and even want to return once in a while. Situated in the middle of the welsh coastline, Aberystwyth is the perfect student town. With an abundance of shops for the … Read More A Students Guide to Aberystwyth


Review: Moulin Rouge

Lately I have been thinking, that it is about time I start reviewing what I know best, books, films and TV programmes, and what better to start off with than with one of my all time favourite films Moulin Rouge. Set in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century we follow the tale written by the young writer Christian as he tells the … Read More Review: Moulin Rouge

Busy, Busy Bee :)

Hello Everyone, I am so awful for not posting anything in the last few weeks, I have been super busy with University. I have just completed a 5000 word essay and honestly I hope I never do another one. I am doing a Creative Writing course so I barely have to write anything that requires me to actually think like a brain box. I … Read More Busy, Busy Bee 🙂

My Travels :D – Prague Part 2

My last day in Prague was mainly going back into town and walking round everything. I was having a break from museums, I was mainly checking out the tourist life and the beautiful architecture of all the buildings. I went across the beautiful Charles bridge as slowly as I could without being pushed left, right and centre by the amount of people around and … Read More My Travels 😀 – Prague Part 2